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Get ready to indulge in an timeless experience - introducing Nemat International, Inc's Sandalwood Eau de Parfum Spray. Crafted with sustainably harvested sandalwood, it's warm and mystic aroma is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious yet natural scent.

This exquisite fragrance exudes top notes of fresh and luxurious woods, followed by a captivating heart of sandalwood and enveloped by soothing base notes of creamy comfort. Plus, what really sets this one apart is its innovative packaging. Unlike ordinary perfume boxes that are thrown away after use, this environment friendly packaging can be re-used as a fragrance diffuser. Simply spray the fragrance on the cushion inside the box and let the enchanting aroma slowly diffuse through the thin wood box.

Nemat Sandalwood Spray Eau De Parfum

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