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Care for Your Lashes

  • CLEANSE Lashes Daily.  Use an oil free lash shampoo, such as Johnson & Johnson No Tears.  We recommend using only a small amount of soap to wash your lashes.  Remember, a little goes a long way. Use less than a dime sized amount of oil free soap, dilute with water, and use a soft, fluffy makeup brush to clean the lashes. 

  • DRY Lashes with lent free paper towel, such as the Viva brand. 

  • We want avoid BLEPHARITIS (crusty debris or dandruff at base of eyelashes).  Blepharitis may need to be treated through antibiotic or steroid eye drops prescribed by a doctor. 

  • Brush your lashes DAILY with mascara wand.

  • Schedule for refills-Typically 2-3 weeks as necessary (Lashes shed 3-5 per day).




  • DO NOT use oil-based products on lashes, such as eye creams, moisturizers, and makeup remover.

  • DO NOT curl your lashes.

  • DO NOT pull on lashes.

  • DO NOT get lashes wet for 24 hours after application.

  • DO NOT sleep on your face.

REMINDER:  Lash cycles can be very Inconsistent due to vitamin deficiency and hormone imbalances.

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