3D Areola Restoration is an amazing service which gives the look of a real areola, as well as protrusion of the nipple if there is not one present. This service is most common for women who have gone through breast cancer, but it can help so many others for a variety of reasons as well.

Areola Micropigmentationis a non-surgical procedure augmenting breast reconstruction by creating the illusion of a natural, three-dimensional areola and nipple. It is also referred to as 3D nipples and nipple/areola restoration/reconstruction. This procedure for breast cancer survivors was developed by Ruth Swissa with sensitivity and understanding. Ruth Swissa has created an amazingly realistic 3D areola tattoo which is designed specifically for those who do not want permanent make-up just yet, only something temporary yet realistic.


This service can be the final part of an emotional and brave journey for women and men who have undergone breast surgery or a mastectomy. This procedure can restore the natural beauty of your nipples and breasts as well as give you a more confident outlook about yourself and your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this procedure covered by health insurance?

Your procedure may qualify to be covered by your health insurance. Find out more information about your rights for coverage and to select your tattooing provider under the Federal Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998. Read an article by Elyn Jacobs on a personal journey to recovery from breast cancer. Elyn Jacobs is the Executive Director and the Director of Grants for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation, a certified cancer coach and a breast cancer survivors

What is the process for this procedure?

When you come into the studio, it doesn’t matter if you have old work that needs a color boost, color correction or you are a fresh canvas ready for color. You and your Esthetician will decide the best options together. During the color audition, you will also discuss areola. Our Estheticians always use more than one color and layer different colors to create a realistic result. Reconstructed nipples or not, we will focus on shape, highlights and shadows. You may choose the addition of Montgomery bumps. If you have a pre-mastectomy photo, you may bring it to help recreate your original look, if you want. This is a time you can have it the way you want. If you want brown areolas, light pink areolas, smaller, larger, you’re your Esthetician will always asks questions to understand your desired look.

What should I expect the day of my procedure? 

Make sure you have had a good breakfast or lunch. It’s important for you to be comfortable and relaxed. Wear a loose sports bra and a 2 piece outfit. Your Esthetician will provide a disposable robe but you might be more comfortable with your jeans or slacks on to keep you warm. Although there usually is no pain, your Esthetician will provide a topical anesthetic. We want you to be comfortable. If you have a list of prescription medications, please be ready to provide the list for your consent paperwork.  Your Esthetician will provide you with your post procedure care and a few non-stick gauze pads to get started.

What should I expect after the procedure?

If we choose to follow up and do a little perfecting, there is no charge for that. We suggest waiting 8 weeks for the skin to recover from the original procedure.

Additional Questions?

Check out our Before and After Gallery for more information on our 3D Areola Restoration Services. If you want to speak with one of our technicians give us a call or contact us online. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 


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