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Pigment Removal

Our Pigment Removal/Lightening Service is a non laser method. We use a saline solution method that is safe for removal on any part of the body.  

Different color pigments settle at different depths in the skin.  Black settles the deepest. Greens and blues settle mid-level. Yellow and orange tend to settle more shallow. Different wavelengths penetrate at different depths and remove different colors of pigment.  It will take multiple different laser wavelengths to remove a colorful tattoo.


If the ink/pigment does not absorb the laser light, it does not shatter. If it does not shatter, it will not remove. Laser tattoo removal requires there to be pigment for the laser to, blue, green, red etc. Titanium being white (light) the laser cannot identify it or find it. When Titanium is hit by laser, it tends to oxidize and turn black or gray. Once the white turns gray or black, it may be permanent.  Further treatments may help.  It can take double the sessions to remove white or even light colors.

Tattooing skin after is has been lasered is often unsuccessful. This can happen as well with cosmetic laser..resurfacing laser for wrinkles and younger skin. Salt/Saline removal works on the theory of “Osmosis”. Osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. This achieves the same amount of concentration on each side of the membrane. Introducing a high concentration of salt water to the dermis where the pigment is, creates the process of Osmosis.


Water is the cells, beneath the pigment contains lower amounts of salt and water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of salt. This is called Equalization. Equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis by Osmotic pressure. This is a natural process to become equal to the higher concentrations of salt and water. The pigment becomes trapped in the scab and when the scabs fall off, some of the pigment goes with it. Some of the released pigment particles may also be carried into the lymph and carried out of the body. Saline Solution is a carefully made hight content salt and fruit seed extract solution. Our solution is safe for use around all permanent makeup procedures, including eyeliner.


When removing body tattoos, its been recommended no more than a two square inch area in one session.

  • The pigment to be removed?

  • How deep was it implanted?

  • How saturated is the pigment?

  • Where on the body are we removing?

  • The clients own skin and healing process?

  • The client after care regimen?

  • How much pigment needs to be removed?



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This is a corrective service: lightening of previous permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, or tattoo procedures

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