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Care for Your Lashes

​The benefits of taking care of your lash extensions include:

  •  Extending the length of your application: When you proactively care for your lashes in the hours after

application, they will simply look better, for longer, requiring less maintenance from you in the long run.

  • Financial savings: The better you care for your lash extensions, the longer they will last, which means

you’ll need touch-ups and replacements less frequently.

  • Supportive of overall lash health: Learning how to care for your lash extensions will also equip you with

helpful knowledge of how to care for your natural lashes and overall eye health.

Don’t forget** to schedule for refills online via our website or at checkout. Refills are typically scheduled 1-
3 weeks as necessary depending on lash retention. (Lashes shed 3-5 per day).

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions

After Application: The Do’s and Don'ts

The first 48 hours after your lash service are important, but the first 24 are critical. Pay attention to

these important do’s and don’ts.

Do this:

  • Keep your lashes as dry as possible. Avoid swimming, humidity, or sweating as much as possible.

  •  Sleep on your back, if possible.

  •  CLEANSE Lashes DAILY: Use an oil free lash shampoo. For example: Johnson & Johnson No tears,

Symetrie Lash Bath or water. Use less than a dime size and diluted with water with a soft/fluffy makeup
brush or the eyelash brush that was sent home with you today. Feel free to reach out to us via text, e-mail
or by calling with any questions.

Don’t do this:

  • Don’t touch, pull or curl your new lashes. They’re beautiful and breathtaking to look at, of course, but

touching them may disturb the eyelash adhesive that may still be setting.

  •  Don’t wear eye makeup of any kind, including mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow for the first 24 hours. DO

NOT EVER USE MASCARA on your extensions!

  •  Don’t use oil-based cleansers. Keeping your face clean is important, but avoid cleansers with an oil base

because this may break down the eyelash adhesive. 

  •  Don’t use eye creams of any kind near your extensions. These are usually thick and oil-based, and are

therefore best avoided.

  •  REMINDER: Lash cycles vary per person. Lash cycles can be very inconsistent due to vitamin deficiency

and hormone imbalances.

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