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Care for after your Injectable Appointment

Pre-care instructions for neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, etc) and filler to reduce swelling
and bruising:
• To reduce the risk of bleeding, please stop the following five days prior to procedure: supplements
including vitamin e, fish oil, and all supplements that start with a "g" including but not limited to
ginseng, gingko biloba, garlic, etc. Aspirin and NSAIDs such as Aleve and Ibuprofen can also increase
bleeding risk, and it is recommended that you try to avoid these as well prior to your injections, unless
prescribed by a physician. Please discuss your options with your injector if taking blood thinners.
• Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours prior to injections for optimal results.
• For filler, no dental work two weeks prior or post injection day.

Pre-Care Instructions:

Aftercare instructions for neuromodulators and fillers:

Aftercare instructions for neuromodulators and fillers:
• Tiny bumps or marks are not unusual after the procedure and typically go away within a few hours
after your treatment. There is a small risk of bruising. This will only be temporary and can be covered up
with makeup. Any little bit of bruising may last up to one week.
• Do not have a facial nor rub or massage the treated area for 24 hours after your treatment, this
includes any type of microdermabrasion or other activities that may manipulate the injection sites and
displace the filler. Make sure you discuss any planned events and/or procedures with your specialist as
there is some recommended wait time after neuromodulators and fillers.
• Due to the risk of infection, it is not recommended that you apply any cosmetics, moisturizer, or SPF
for 12 hours post procedure. Do not apply anything to cause pressure or discomfort.

Aftercare instructions for neuromodulators:

• After the neuromodulator is placed into the targeted muscles, the weakening effect gradually begins
anywhere from 3-7 days and is not complete for two weeks. Therefore, optimal results are not seen for
at least fourteen days.
• No need to massage the area, but you may contract the treated muscle(s) for 90 min to 2 hours after
• Do not exercise or lay down flat for at least four hours post injection. • Neuromodulators last
approximately 3-4 months, and in some cases shorter or longer in duration. It is recommended you
maintain the recommended treatment frequency to get optimal results.

Aftercare instructions for filler:

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• Filler (depending on the type) will last approximately 12-24 months after filler is injected.
• It is common to experience bruising, redness or some swelling post filler. This will all go down in time.

• The best results of the filler will be seen two weeks post injection.
• On the day of your injection do not participate in strenuous exercise or receive a massage.
• Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours post-injection.

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