Skin, Brows and Touchups

We're now doing our initial Microblading touchups at 12 weeks and Color Refreshers no sooner than 1 year from your original appointment. Our skin is a living organ, we cut the skin and it needs time to heal.. its a fact. Many clients will tell you that touch ups hurt a lot worse than the original appointment and we now believe your skin should be given more time to heal. Here is a great post by a leading artist in our industry, Tina Davies.

"I have clients that have been with me for 17 years who get touch ups from me every 1-2 years depending on their desire for maintenance and definition.

I have performed many different techniques on their skin from Softap to machine method to Microblading. I work in the dermis and I never overwork the skin.

The skin will heal and become strong again, and given you have not scarred the skin by going too deep, you can touchup the area again and again.

My only rule is no touch ups (except small spots) sooner than 1 year and waiting 3 months before any touchup so the skin can rebuild and get strong again. You will notice that if you do MB touchup sooner than this, you will get easy bleeding because the skin is still not fully repaired , thus still too thin. You can do a machine touchup sooner. "

This is another good post that I've come across.. theres lots of information about how your skin will affect your healing and results.

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