5 Reasons why Microblading is the Best Beauty Investment

Microblading by Kylie Neuville in Lafayette, LA

Have you been dreaming about full flawless brows? Are your brows becoming a frustrating part of your daily makeup routine because you just can’t get them to match? Uh, we feel you girl and we think Microblading might be the perfect solution!

Check out these 5 reasons why we think Microblading is the best {thing ever}!

Microblading is Virtually Painless!

We know, anything with the term “blade” in it sounds a little scary! The pain level for the procedure is considered mild to none. But, we promise it is bearable. We use a numbing cream on our clients and allow it to set before beginning. Your brows will be a little tender afterwards, but that feeling only last a few days. Get this - some people feel so relaxed during the procedure that they fall asleep!

Microblading saves you money!

How much do you spend every month on your brow pen, powder, brushes, and finishing gel? Microbladed eyebrows don’t just give you a fresh, always-ready look—they also help you save up on that cash! While it may not be cheap upfront, with proper care and touch ups it can last up to 3 years!

Microblading Saves Time!

Do you spend a lot of time in the mornings filling in your eyebrows? Microblading reduces the amount of time necessary to get ready. Since it is considered permanent

you won’t need to waste any more time filling in your eyebrows. How does an extra 10 minutes of sleep every morning sound?

Your Brows are Sweat Proof!

Yes, we said it! You can go to the gym and not worry about your brows sweating off into your towel. Or, you can scratch your brows and not worry about them rubbing off. Better yet, you can go for a swim at the beach and come out of the water and your brows will still look amazing. Girl what are you waiting for?!

It is very safe!

The entire process takes only 2 hours and there is no down time. All of our microblading artist at Symetrie Studio and Spa have gone through proper training and have years of experience under their belt. We will talk each other through this process to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Here at Symetrie, we pride ourselves on giving you a natural result and a look that will age well.

Need more reasons to consider Microblading? Check out our before/after gallery and client testimonials! #microbladinglafayettela #microbladinglafayette #permanentmakeuplafayettela

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