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At Symetrie, we provide exceptional ear and nose piercing services - combining the safety and hygienic standards of a medical procedure with the relaxed and intimate feeling of a boutique-style beauty treatment.

  • We offer infant piercings (2 - 6 months) and anyone 4 years of age and up. 

  • Medical-Grade Equipment

  • Piercing by needle

  • Numbing cream option

  • Re-Piercing after surgical repair

  • Hypoallergenic Earrings available for purchase in-store


Infant ear piercing: $75 (both ears) plus the cost of jewelry

Ear lobe/cartilage for 4 years of age and up: $30 per hole ($60 for both years) plus the cost of jewelry

Tragus/Conch: $50 (includes jewelry)

Nose: $45 (includes jewelry)

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